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Behind The Mic

Paul Kern


Paul serves as an Associate Pastor of CM Church and the Administrator of Applied Life Leaders Academy. Paul’s messages are inspirational, challenging and faith-filled! Paul is also the Administrators of Applied Life Leaders Academy, a nine-month internship for college age young people. Paul’s passion is equipping and helping young adults fulfill their potential and God-given calling.

Josh Barnett


Josh serves as an Associate Pastor and also oversees the Youth Ministries at CM Church. Josh is fully committed to seeing young people become active followers of Christ. Josh is also the Administrator of High Point Biblical Worldview Camp for teens. Josh’s messages challenge young adults to go deep with their commitment to Jesus Christ and to pursue Him with a whole heart.

Jason Ross


Jason serves as a worship leader at CM Church. Jason is also an accomplished musician and he brings that passion for worship to Expand’s Young Adult Connect Group. Jason loves connecting with young adults and inspiring them to pursue God’s plan for their lives.

Lukas Vaughn


Lukas serves as a worship leader at CM Church. Lukas is a gifted musician who desires to draw young adults into intimate worship with the Lord. Lukas not only leads worship, but is also one of several speakers at Expand.

About Our Podcast

Christian young adults face many challenges in our culture today. Being committed Christ followers and influencing the culture around us is what Christ commissioned us to do. This task is not without its challenges, especially when you are entering the adult phase of life. Expand is designed to assist the next generation of leaders to fulfill their God-given potential and purpose.

If you are out of high school and in the young adult phase of life, Expand is for you. The leaders of Expand have a passion to connect with and coach young adults to be successful during these important years of growth. 

Entering adult life is a rewarding and exciting season, but it can also feel overwhelming at times because of the new challenges and decisions it brings with it. God has a great future in store for you, but it is important that you are led by God’s wisdom each step of the way.

Join us at Expand and grow as a leader and a Christ follower. Follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date on when we hold our meetings.